Basement Tectonics of Southwestern Laurentia

Our current research on North American Precambrian basement is focused on improving our understanding of the early and late Paleoproterozoic development of the SW margin of Laurentia in western Montana and northern Utah. This unique portion of Laurentia preserves a record of crustal growth in the interval 2.0-2.5 Ga along with the interval 1.6-2.0 Ga. The differences between early and late Paleoproterozoic crust, and Archean crust in SW Laurentia have implications for deciphering the fundamental, global relationships between crustal growth, geodynamics, and secular changes in heat generation. This is a collaborative project with Paul Mueller, David Mogk, and Joe Wooden.

Map showing the major Precambrian basement provinces of SW Laurentia
from Foster and others (2006: Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, v.
43, p. 1601-1619).