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Jack Sabin
From the Director
 This is an attempt to consolidate some of the resources available to CLAS faculty and staff for teaching through technology.  We hope this provides faculty and staff with additional information and resources to help meet the demands of teaching and technology growth at UF.

John R. Sabin
Director of Information Resources & Technological Programs
e-mail:  sabin@qtp.ufl.edu

Student Computer Policies
 These pages describe the student computer requirements and student responsibilities for UF and for CLAS.

UF Computer Policy
CLAS Computer Policy

Office of the UF Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Founded in 1999, the Office of the CIO was created to provide direction and strategic planning for the university in information delivery and computing standards, resources and management. The office currently resides in Building 34, formerly the Campus Mail facility, on the northwest side of the Northeast Regional Data Center (NERDC). The Chief Information Officer has responsibility for the policy direction and strategic planning for the university in all areas related to information resources and management.



GatorLink Baseline provides an individual a single username and password for access to a variety of campus computing and information services. Currently services available to GatorLink ID holders include: a mailbox, computer lab access, and limited Internet dialup. 

UF GatorLink Web Site

Center for Instructional Technology and Training (CITT)

The CITT is a merging of the Faculty Support Center and Instructional Design Center. The Center offers a variety of courses and services related to creating Web pages. The CITT Web pages are currently under construction.

Multimedia Classroom Support Program
OIR's Multimedia Support Program equips and supports 17 multimedia classrooms, 9 mobile multimedia carts, and other portable multimedia equipment.  Staff train and consult with faculty on the use of multimedia equipment for the classroom.  Visit their Web site for more information:  http://www.oir.ufl.edu/classrooms/
NETg Alliance

UF has signed a three-year agreement to purchase information technology training, research, and consulting services from NETg (replacing the Gartner Group). NETg is an independent advisor of research and analysis to professionals making information technology decisions. They are also a leading developer and publisher providing technology-based software education products and services.

More about NETg
UF's NETg Intranet Site

Faculty Forums on Videotape
Hands-On World Wide Web:  Using HTML
Hands-On World Wide Web:  Spinning Your Own Site
These forums were broadcast earlier this year. 
Videotapes are available through
Ms. Cathy Vernon (392-1678 or cvern@eng.ufl.edu

Distance Education at UF

Florida Campus Direct (FCD) has been established so the university may offer a variety of distance education courses delivered through the world-wide-web, video, and satellite.


CIRCA offers computer training in conjunction with the J. Wayne Reitz Union Leisure Course program.  More information about upcoming classes may be found at the CIRCA Computer Training Program Web Site.


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