CLAS Research

CLAS Research

Research is a major activity at all levels within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, from undergraduate research experiences, thesis and dissertation work of graduate students and faculty scholarship. The research activities of this college are more diverse than those of any other college on campus and have gained the college a national and international reputation.

Our aim is to have an integrative research website for the benefit of CLAS faculty and students. Please share your suggestions for this site with the Associate Dean for Natural Sciences and Mathematics, 392-2230 or

CLAS Research in the News

Funding the Road to Research
Dreaming about roads is what keeps Stephen Perz awake at night. The associate professor of sociology has received five grants to date to help solve a simple question with complex answers: What happens when you build a road in the middle of the Amazon?

UF Celebrates Einstein's Miracle Year
CLAS and the Department of Physics recently hosted a seminar in honor of the 100th anniversary of scientist Albert Einstein's "miracle year" in 1905. Read more about this seminar and Einstein's many discoveries in an article from The Gainesville Sun.

$6 Million Grant Supports UF Genetic Research on Loblolly Pine
With the aid of a $6 million grant from the National Science Foundation, University of Florida researchers are working with scientists at the University of California, Davis; North Carolina State University; and Texas A&M University to identify genes that regulate wood properties and disease-resistance traits in loblolly pine.

UF Study: Child Raising Toughest On Young Grandmothers
Age may work in reverse when it comes to raising grandchildren, suggests a University of Florida study that finds younger grandmothers in this role are depressed more often than their older counterparts.

When Birds Use Wildlife Corridors, Plants Benefit
Wildlife corridors, intended to help animals move between otherwise isolated natural areas, may aid plants in the same way.

UF, Nine Other Universities Complete Ultrahigh-Speed Data Network
Whether mapping genes, probing elemental particles or monitoring global warming, more and more scientists rely on massive data vaults located at universities and institutions around the world. Now, researchers at 10 Florida universities have the infrastructure for a computer network that ensures that capability – one faster than any other education-based network in the Southeast and among the top in the nation in speed and capacity.

UF Study: People More Ambivalent than Pro-or Con- About Gay Rights
Portraying the gay rights conflict as a sharply divided battle between homosexuals and social conservatives ignores the ambivalent feelings held by the vast majority of people in the middle, a new University of Florida study finds. Nearly three-quarters of Floridians surveyed said they are “of two minds” about one or more issues concerning gay rights, and the results suggest the ambivalence is tied in part to conflicting values, said Stephen Craig, a UF political science professor who led the research.

Getting to the Heart of Medical Imaging
The heart, the powerful and unceasing engine of the circulatory system, can be a mystery. Advanced medical imaging has replaced the need for invasive surgery for an up-close view of the organ, but even the best technology leaves doctors and researchers with gaps in their knowledge. University of Florida Mathematics Professor Bernard Mair , in collaboration with David R. Gilland, an associate professor in the College of Engineering’s Department of Nuclear and Radiological Engineering, has received a three-year, $600,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to develop algorithms to fill those gaps.

Faculty Named UF Research Foundation Professors for 2005
The University of Florida Research Foundation has named 33 faculty members who have a distinguished current record of research and a strong research agenda that is likely to lead to continuing distinction in their fields as UFRF Professors for 2005-2008.

Disney Lends UF a Hand
When a gator wants to help a turtle he calls on a mouse. Not just any mouse, but the mouse, Mickey Mouse. And it's not just any gator either, but the University of Florida, home to the Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research. The center is striving to find innovative ways to save and increase the earth's endangered sea turtle populations and has received support from the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund over the years.

To Catch a Thief
Criminology Professor Richard Hollinger directs the Security Research Project and is a leading expert in loss prevention. The project is best known for its annual National Retail Security Survey, which for the past 14 years has polled the vice presidents of security and loss prevention at all the major retail department stores, discount chains, specialty stores, pharmacies and major grocery stores in the US.

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