ReStart Course Information

Students in the ReStart track will follow a defined schedule of courses. You will be expected to retake any science pre-requisites previously taken in order to demonstrate mastery of the material. Cross-disciplinary labs ("x-labs") engage students in a unique interdisciplinary curriculum. These laboratories are equivalent to completing two semesters of General Chemistry labs, Biology labs, and Physics labs, thus meeting the requirements of professional schools. Prior to matriculation in the Fall, you must complete MAC1147 and CHM1025 at UF. Online and Summer enrollment may be possible for these two pre-requisite courses.

Course Plan

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trong>Pre-Matriculation: MAC1147 and CHM1025 with Bs or above.

Term Course Title Credits Fall 1 CHM2045Gen. Chemistry 13 SC2010Principles of Biology 13 MAC2311Analytic Geometry & Calculus 14 PSY2012Psychology3 IDS4930Pre-Health Seminar2 Total Semester Hours:15 Term Course Title Credits Spring 1 CHM2046Gen. Chemistry 23 SC2011Principles of Biology 23 STA2023Statistics3 SYG2000Principles of Sociology3 ISC2400LX-Lab 13 Total Semester Hours:15 Term Course Title Credits Summer 1 CHM2210Organic Chemistry 13 PY2053Physics 14 Total Semester Hours:7 Term Course Title Credits Fall 2 CHM2211Organic Chemistry 23 PHY054Physics 24 ISC2401LX-Lab 23 IDS4930Innovations in Healthcare3 MDU4061Bioethics3 Total Semester Hours:16 Term Course Title Credits Spring 2 BCH4024 or CHM3218Biochemistry4 PCB363Genetics4 CHM2211LOrganic Chemistry Lab2 IDS4930Health Equity Here & Abroad3 ElectivePSY/SY Elective3 Total Semester Hours:16 Total Credit Hours: 69
  • Pre-dent and pre-vet students will need MCB3020/L.

Possible Electives
PCB3023 Essential Cell Biology
PCB4723C Physiology & Molecular Biology of Animals
ZOO3603c Evolutionary Developmental Biology
ZOO3713C Functional Vertebrate Anatomy

Courses offered by the UF College of Medicine:
BSC3096 Human Physiology
MDU4003 Intro. to the Professions of Medicine
MDU4004 Physician Shadowing
MDU4031 Medicine and the Law
MDU4061 Intro to Medical Bioethics
MDU4850 Diseases of Eating
GMS5605 Medical Anatomy
GMS5605L Medical Anatomy Lab
GMS5630 Medical Histology
GMS6400C Principals of Physiology

Electives could also include other non-science courses that will enhance students' knowledge of working with people and groups.

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