Career Changer Track Course Information

Students in the post-bac program will follow a defined schedule of courses. Cross-disciplinary labs ("x-labs") engage students in a unique interdisciplinary curriculum. These laboratories are equivalent to completing two semesters of General Chemistry labs, Biology labs, and Physics labs, thus meeting the requirements of professional schools.

Course Plan

<Pre-Matriculation: MAC1147 and CHM1025 with Bs or above.

ablclass="table"> Term Course Title Credits Fall 1 CHM2045Gen. Chemistry 13 SC2010Principles of Biology 13 MAC2311Analytic Geometry & Calculus 14 PSY2012Psychology3 IDS4930Pre-Health Seminar2 Total Semester Hours:15 Term Course Title Credits Spring 1 CHM2046Gen. Chemistry 23 SC2011Principles of Biology 23 STA2023Statistics3 SYG2000Principles of Sociology3 ISC2400LX-Lab 13 Total Semester Hours:15 Term Course Title Credits Summer 1 CHM2210Organic Chemistry 13 PY2053Physics 14 Total Semester Hours:7 Term Course Title Credits Fall 2 CHM2211Organic Chemistry 23 PHY054Physics 24 ISC2401LX-Lab 23 IDS4930Innovations in Healthcare3 MDU4061Bioethics3 Total Semester Hours:16 Term Course Title Credits Spring 2 BCH4024 or CHM3218Biochemistry4 PCB363Genetics4 CHM2211LOrganic Chemistry Lab2 IDS4930Health Equity Here & Abroad3 ElectivePSY/SY Elective3 Total Semester Hours:16 Total Credit Hours: 69

Possible Electives
Most courses in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences are available. A few suggestions:
BSC3096 Human Physiology
CLP3144 Abnormal Psychology
DEP3053 Developmental Psychology
PCB3023 Essential Cell Biology
PCB4723C Physiology & Molecular Biology of Animals
ZOO3603c Evolutionary Developmental Biology
ZOO3713C Functional Vertebrate Anatomy
SYO4400 Medical Sociology
PSB3340 Behavioral Neuroscience
ANT3520 Skeleton Key Forensic

Courses offered by the UF College of Medicine:
MDU4003 Intro. to the Professions of Medicine
MDU4004 Physician Shadowing
MDU4031 Medicine and the Law
MDU4061 Intro to Medical Bioethics
MDU4850 Diseases of Eating

Electives could also include other non-science courses that will enhance students' knowledge of working with people and groups.

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