Admitted Students

When admitted to the program, be sure to complete the following steps to ensure a smooth transition into the program:

Academic Policies

Students admitted to UF's PHPB Program are committing to a program with a curriculum that includes required pre-requisite courses and entrance exams for healthcare professional graduate programs.

PHPB students are expected to make consistent progress in the completion of the pre-health pre-requisite curriculum, taking the courses in the sequence required and carrying rigorous, full time loads each semester (15-17 credits in fall and spring semesters is recommended). Completion of the PHPB program takes five semesters, including at least one summer semester and an optional second summer semester. Admission to healthcare graduate programs is extremely competitive. PHPB students are expected to maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0. According to the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) applicants admitted to medical schools have a mean GPA of 3.63 in science courses.

Academic Progress: Students in the PHPB program are academically reviewed at the end of each semester. Students are expected to maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA throughout the program. Students may be dismissed from the program for the following reasons:

Dropping or Withdrawing from courses:
Due to the sequential nature of academic requirements, dropping a required course or doing a full semester withdrawal will impact a student's ability to progress in the program.

If a PHPB student wishes to do a full semester withdrawal or drop a single course, they are required to first speak with a PHPB advisor for approval. Withdrawal from sequenced science courses will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

A student may withdraw from a maximum of two non-science courses while in the PHPB program. If a student requires more than two drops the student may petition the PHPB Administrative Committee indicating extenuating circumstances.

"I" or Incomplete Grades: Incompletes in any course needs to be resolved by the end of the next term of enrollment.

Leave of Absence: Leaves of absence are not an option due to the sequential nature of the curriculum.

Registration: PHPB students are registered for required courses each semester by the PHPB administrative coordinators. Additional courses may be available with prior approval. Elective course selection may be limited. Students may not be dually enrolled with any other institution while in the PHPB program without prior consent.

If a student in the PHPB program has extenuating circumstances they wish to have considered for an exception to any of these academic policies they may submit a petition to the PHPB Administrative Committee for consideration. Submission of the petition needs to be done within university deadlines for the related issue.

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