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Pre-Health Post-Baccalaureate Program (PHPB)

The University of Florida's Pre-health Post-Baccalaureate Program (PHPB) offers dedicated and motivated students an opportunity to complete academic pre-requisite courses for admission to medical, dental, or veterinary school. PHPB is a rigorous, two year structured program.

Courses are offered once per year. Students in PHPB complete the majority of courses in classes created just for PHPB students, experiencing the outstanding teaching faculty at the University of Florida. This is a comprehensive program offering non-science courses that assist you in developing academic skills, application skills, and professional competencies necessary for application to medical, dental, PA, or veterinary school.

Other health professions are considered. However, for professions other than medicine, pre-requisite courses not included in our standard curriculum are not offered.

2019 Fall Application Cycle via PostBacCAS opens August 15, 2018


The UF PHPB program offers two tracks to help you complete pre-requisite coursework. Each track requires full-time enrollment. The track you choose depends on your academic background. All tracks require a bachelor's degree for admission. For more information on each track, see the Admission and Course information. Fall admission only.

Students who completed science pre-requisites five or more years ago still have an opportunity for admission. However all courses five or more years and/or with less than a B earned will be required to be repeated.

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Be sure to read the full eligibility requirements before applying to the program. Please contact us if you have any question on which track best suits your needs.

Pre-Requisite Sciences* Already Completed Grades in pre-requisite sciences already completed Length of Program
Career Changer No more than 2 Bs or better 5 semesters
ReStart 1-3 Below B on any course 5+ semesters

* Pre-requisite Sciences refers to Calculus, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics

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Pre-Health Postbac Program (PHPB)

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