Faye Harrison
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Faye Harrison

Head of the CLAS

Faye V. Harrison, Joint Professor of Anthropology and African American Studies, is the recipient of two awards. At the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association she received the 2010 Legacy Scholar Award from the Association of Black Anthropologists, which celebrated its 40th anniversary.

She was given this recognition for her contributions to the ABA, the discipline of anthropology, and mentoring students and junior faculty.

"The Legacy Scholar Award means a great deal, because it acknowledges the past three decades of hard work in research, teaching, mentoring, and service to my profession,” she said. “The Legacy award tells me that my variegated work is recognized and appreciated, especially by a constituency that historically has been neglected by anthropology's mainstream.”

Dr. Harrison has also been selected to receive an Andrew W. Mellon Visiting Fellowship at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. During Spring 2011 the Department of Social Anthropology will host a month-long stay in which she will lecture, present on urban poor Jamaicans' negotiation of structural violence, human rights, and crime in a faculty-student seminar, and participate in strategic planning discussions on integrating social anthropology with linguistics and African studies.

"This award is meaningful to me, because of my commitment to what is called ‘world anthropologies,’” she said. "It will give me a chance to learn more about the anthropological thinking and research of my counterparts in South Africa, where they are attempting to renew the discipline in a post-apartheid context".

Dr. Harrison is a member of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences' executive committee and a member of the AAA's Committee on World Anthropologies.

"I am part of an effort to encourage anthropologists to rethink our mapping of theory and knowledge so that we learn from the theoretical and analytical discourses taking place in other parts of the world about the world and its possibilities.”

Dr. Harrison would like people to understand that social anthropology can help us understand the history and present of diversity.

"Cultural anthropologists tend to make sense of things from the bottom up, where ordinary people live, interact, and mobilize for a better quality of life,” Harrison said. "Generally, anthropology can help us make connections that we might not otherwise see, and it can inspire us to observe more critically and participate in the world on the basis of an ethic of mutual care, tolerance and stakes in our earthly co-existence.”



Aubrey Seigel, CLAS Communications and Outreach

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