Psychologist Robin West has been named an Outstanding Research Mentor by the Institute for Learning in Retirement

Above: Psychologist Robin West has been named an Outstanding Research Mentor by the Institute for Learning in Retirement.

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CLAS Professor Named Outstanding Research Mentor

Professors Robin West, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and William Mann, College of Physical Health and Human Performance, are the co-winners of this year’s Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR) Outstanding Research Mentor award. This award recognizes outstanding mentorship of students emphasizing aging research, particularly research that will improve the quality of life for older adults.

Dr. West, a professor in the Department of Pyschology, is extensively involved in working with senior theses and undergraduate honors students. Dr. West’s students have won a number of awards at the local and national levels including the Leighton E. Cluff award, National Research Service Awards, and Retirement Research Foundation dissertation awards.

Dr. William Mann’s students have specialized on issues essential to the quality of life for older adults, such as aging in place at home with adaptive strategies and driving safely. His students are actively involved in the entire research process from grant writing to conducting the research and disseminating their findings. Dr. Mann’s extensive record in securing external funding to develop practical solutions to aging-related issues has enabled many students to develop successful research programs.

The ILR also works with the University of Florida Network for Biobehavioral and Social Research and Training in Aging to recognize student research on aging and issues related to older adults. This year, Erin Hastings won the Leighton E. Cluff Award for Aging Research in the graduate category, for her research on the relative benefits of self-help versus group-based memory training for seniors. Kimberly Gold received the undergraduate Cluff Award for her study on how age and opportunities for autobiographical memory affect empathy for people in pain. The ILR Award for Graduate Aging Research was given to David Andrew Stigge Kaufman for his investigation of age related changes in attention to novel events. Priya Palta was the recipient of the ILR Award for Undergraduate Aging Research for her work on variations in fear of future dependency related to physical and mental health and age.



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