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Article Originally published in the April 2006 issue of CLASnotes.

One of the most joyous times of the year is in May when we come together as an academic family to celebrate the accomplishments of our graduating class. The years of hard work, scrambling to classes and panicking over exams finally come to an end for another group of students, with the completion of a liberal arts or sciences degree from the University of Florida.

This year our college has the largest graduating class in its history, with nearly 2,500 receiving CLAS degrees—300 of which have attained a well-earned master’s or PhD. Their education from UF, quickly becoming one of the top-ranked public schools in the nation, sets them apart in the job market, as we are recognized by employers for the breadth of training and sound preparation of our students able to compete among the very best.

CLAS students are among the brightest in the nation, as evidenced by the numerous awards and achievements they have received (see page 6). They are recognized for not only excelling in the classroom but also for their concern for humankind, their commitment to others and their drive and ambition to improve the society in which we live. This new generation, unlike any other, is serious about its place in the world and has a better understanding of other world cultures and our need to strive for a global society in which all people are recognized.

I have great confidence in these new alumni and their ability to change the world.



Neil Sullivan


Jane Dominguez

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