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About the Major

Economics teaches students how to look at a complex world and make observations on behaviors. Majors learn the analytical skills needed to understand how households, firms and governments make economic decisions and how to compare costs and benefits in maximize objectives. In turn, students can determine the implications of those economic decisions in relation to the allocation of society's resources, the pricing of goods and services, the distribution of income, and the behavior of macroeconomic variables. An economics degree is appropriate for students intending to pursue advanced degrees in the social sciences and for enrollment in professional schools of management, law or public administration.

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Possible Careers for this Major

Prehealth & Prelaw
Any CLAS major may prepare you for admission to professional schools such as medical school, vet school, law school, etc.

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  • Market Research Analyst
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Public Policymaker
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Real Estate Sales Agent
  • Sociologist
  • Survey Researcher
  • Wholesale and Retail Buyer
  • Accountant
  • Auditor
  • Budget Analyst
  • Chief Executive
  • Clergy
  • College Professor
  • Economist
  • Education Administrator
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Examiner
  • Historian
  • Insurance Sales Agent
Cool Courses You Might Take
Some Unique Opportunities in this Major
  • The University Economics Society is open to anyone with an interest in economics. It sponsors debates and talks on economic topics of current interest. There are also seminars covering employment opportunities, as well as picnics, softball games, and other informal gatherings.
  • An honors thesis in Economics is available through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
  • For more opportunities, please refer to the department website
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