Using Media in the Lab

The Turlington 1317 lab provides UF language students with a place to access many kinds of language-learning media and the equipment to play them. Our equipment includes

A student wishing to use a media item from the reserve must chedk it out at the desk, using a Gatorlink identification card. On the first visit, we will enter a few information items (usually just the name of the user) for our records.

Our media items, whether reserve or from our collection, are for use in the lab only. Students may not check them out.

DVD and VHS: instructors may leave materials in the lab for students to watch as an assignment. Since a single TV can accomodate several viewers, we advise students to come to the lab in groups. We follow one of two policies.

Students who need to view a VHS tape but have no player at home may use a viewing station if it is free.

Audiocassettes: While most classes now use digital media, in a few cases we only have cassettes for course-related items. They are in drawers near the cassette-player area. Some older cassette sets are there also, to be used for self-study. We are also happy to provide blank audiocassettes for students who need to make taped recordings.

Audio CDs: We do not have a collection of course-related audio CDs. Some self-study materials, however, include CDs.

CD-ROMs: Students may or may not be able to use a course-related CD-ROM in the lab, depending on the installation required. If there is a CD-ROM for your course, let the lab director know and we will try to enable you to play it.

Software: Several programs on the walk-in computers (in particular Tell Me More) may be assigned for classes. In this case, students doing the assignments will have priority on these computers over other users, even for course-related work.