Studying a Language on Your Own

The primary role of the Language Learning Center is to provide multimedia support for instructors teaching language courses at UF, and for their students. Many of our audio and video materials are designed to accompany textboks and lab manuals used in a course guided by an instructor. Over the years we have accumulated a library of audio and video materials for language study, the most usable of which are listed below. However, the Web has largely replaced language labs as a source of authentic materials for learning a particular language. is a helpful free site for beginning the study of English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish.

BBC languages also has some useful materials for beginners in these and other languages.

For more advanced students, a web search should turn up news, home-made videos, and other sources of authentic language. One recommended site is Asymptote Journal, which presents literary texts in the original language and in translation.

The materials listed below are kept in the Language Learning Center and may not be removed.


Language Elementary Intermediate/Advanced

Alif-Baa, Al-Kitaab: Books and all course materials

Tell Me More (on computers in Turl 1317)

Al-Kitaab 2 and 3 : Books and all course materials

AUDIO: Eastern Arabic (book and CD)

Moroccan Arabic (book and CD)

Iraqi Arabic (book and CD)


Tell Me More (on computers in TUR 1317)

VIDEO: Practical Business Chinese (DVD & book)

French French in Action (1987),  52 1/2-hour episodes  (with book) ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE.


Japanese Tell Me More (on computers in Turl 1317) VIDEO: Erin's Challenge (book & DVD)

VIDEO: Destinos (1992-3),  52  1/2-hour episodes (with book). ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE.

VIDEO: Nuevos Destinos , telecourse for hispanohablantes. ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE


AUDIO: Teach Yourself Xhosa (Book & audio CD)

Practical Course in Xhosa (book & audio)