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Language Learning Center 392-2112

The Language Learning Center provides UF language faculty with a place where students may listen to or view various media items placed on reserve. Our equipment includes

Language instructors may leave personal or institutional copies of  audio, video, or computer materials that can be used by students on the above equipment. Only an original, purchased copy should be put on reserve, not a duplicate or a copy taped from a TV broadcast.

These materials do not leave the Turlington labs. Students may check them out to use in the lab on a first-come, first-served basis during open hours. If you want students to be able to remove items overnight, or use them on the weekends, you might prefer to use the UF Libraries course reserve.

If the item is required viewing/listening for a substantial number of students, it may be best to set up a schedule. For example, students arriving on the even hours have the right to watch a video from the beginning, even if someone else is halfway through. This should be discussed with the lab director; both the Language Learning Center staff and the students need to know the schedule.

Resources: The Language Learning Center itself has a collection oftheatrical films which can be placed on reserve for a particular course. Some departments may have their own video and audio collections for classroom use. An important collection for instructors is the UF Film and Media Resources in Turlington 2301 which has a large teaching collection of foreign films, and also some audiotapes and CD-ROMs of interest; the Language Learning Center works closely with the Media Library. The UF Libraries also have an extensive video collection.