About the Language Learning Center

The Turlington Hall facility has a new glass door, looking out over the plaza. Students entering for class should pass through into the classroom (1341), while students coming to the lab for group sessions or individual study can sign in using a computer at the door.

The Little Hall rooms are currently being shared with the Teaching Center, which uses Little 215 for student-led Math instruction (when there are no language reservations). Little 215 has 20 student stations. Little 225 has 30 student stations with built-in webcams and Skype. The equipment is largely funded by fees assessed on language courses.

As part of the College's plans to develop active learning areas and specialized facilities in or near the current language center facilities, the Language Learning Center will be changing its name soon, to Foreign Language Center.

Hina Matsuri in the Language Center: Below, student assistants present and past assemble to set up the Japanese Doll Festival display. Thank you, Li, Sydney, Liz, Carmen, and Jenny! The display will be up in 1317 Turlington until Spring Break.