Little Projectors

Using the Little Hall Projectors

Remember to turn the equipment off when class is over!


The Screen

The projector screen can be raised and lowered by a switch mounted near the whiteboard.



Controlling the Projector

The projector can be controlled by using a black box mounted on the instructor desk. When it is turned on, the default is to show the computer screen.

AV MUTE will turn off the audio and video without turning off the projector, while you set up something for students to see, consult your email, etc.

The VOL controls allow one to adjust the speaker sound.

Remember to turn the projector off when you no longer need it. Press OFF twice.


There is also a projector remote which can be used to control the projector, but it is less handy.

Laptop options

A laptop computer can be connected to the system using one of 3 connector types plugged into a box on the wall. Select Laptop on the black controller box to connect the laptop to the projector.


Document Camera

To project the image from the Document Camera ("overhead projector."), press the appropriate button on the black box.

This is a camera with various lighting systems which allows the projector to show printed sheets of paper, overhead transparencies, or three-dimensional objects. It is not suitable for slides.

To use the document camera, turn it on at the power button. Then you may select backlighting (good for transparencies) or lighting from above (good for a printed sheet or diagram), or no lighting (often best for objects). The remote control allows you to zoom and focus.

Playing Video

The rooms are equipped with a VCR on a low shelf. There is a remote for this. DVDs should be played on the computer.

To project a VCR movie, choose "DVD/VCR" on the black controller box.

Video players