Digitized Smalley
a temporary presentation for UF Linguistics students of the audio exercises accompanying William Smalley's Manual Of Articulatory Phonetics.

Lesson 7

Voiceless Aspirated and Unaspirated Stop

1. English Uses of Glottal Stop
2. Glottal Stop at Medial Word Boundary
3. Initial Glottal Stop

4. Producing Medial Glottal Stop
5. Producing Final Glottal Stop
6. Producing Initial Glottal Stop
7. Initial Presence and Absence of Glottal Stop
8. Producing Initial Vowel


9. Glottal or no?
10. Glottal or no?
11. Glottal or no?

12. Solomons mimicry


13. Aspirated or Unaspirated?
14. Aspirated or Unaspirated?
15. Voiced or Voiceless?
16. Voiced or Voiceless?

17. Developing Strong Aspiration
18. Negative practice: Exaggerated Aspiration
19. Producing Voiceless Unaspirated Stops
20. Producing Voiceless Unaspirated Stops
21. Buildups to longer sequences with Stops
22. Buildups to longer sequences with Stops and Fricatives

23. Transcription