Digitized Smalley
a temporary presentation for UF Linguistics students of the audio exercises accompanying William Smalley's Manual Of Articulatory Phonetics.

Lesson 3

Voiced and Voiceless Fricatives


1. English Fricatives 
2. English unvoiced/voiced
3. Voiced or Voiceless?

4. Achieving articulation of voiceless bilabial fricative
5. Achieving articulation of voiced bilabial fricative 


6. Bilabial or Labio-Dental?
7. Achieving articulation of voiceless velar fricative
8. Achieving articulation of voiced velar fricative


9. Voiced or Voiceless?
10. Velar or no?
11. Fricative or Wrong?
12. Fricative or Wrong?
13. Fricative or Wrong?

14. Tongue Twisters
15. Description of Sounds: Voiced/Voiceless; Bilabial/Back Velar; Fricative?
16. Description of Sounds: Voiced/Voiceless; Bilabial/Labio-Dental/Tip-Dental/Tip(Blade)-Alveolar/Tip(Blade)-Alveopalatal/Back Velar; Fricative?

17. Mimicry Drills: Nonsense syllables 
18. Mimicry Drills: Nonsense syllables 

19. Mimicry Drills: Nonsense syllables


20. Mimicry: Vietnamese