Digitized Smalley
a temporary presentation for UF Linguistics students of the audio exercises accompanying William Smalley's Manual Of Articulatory Phonetics.

Lesson 22

Front Rounded Vowels; Glide Clusters

1. Demonstration: Table 22.1
2. Same or Different? 
3. Producing High Rounded Front vowel [ü] 
4. Producing Mid Rounded Front vowel
5. Producing Low Rounded Front vowel 
6. Rounded or Unrounded?
7. Rounded, Unrounded, or Mixed? 
8. Glided or no? 
9. Negative Practice: "The Walrus and the Carpenter" 
10. Mimicry: Rounded Front Vowels
11. Tongue Height: High, Lower-High, Mid, Lower-Mid, Low, Lower-Low?
12. Front, Central, or Back?
13.Rounded or Unrounded?
14. Tongue Height? Front/Central/Back? Rounded/Unrounded?
15. Vowel Symbols: [u], [i], [ü], epsilon, shwa, barred i, crossed o, o digraph, caret, 
16. Negative Practice: "Ten Little Indians"

Glide Clusters

17. Negative Practice: Off-Glide Clusters
18. On-Glide and Off-Glide Clusters

19. Review: Vowel Clusters
20. Review: Long and Rearticulated Vowels
21. German: Rounded Front Vowels