Digitized Smalley
a temporary presentation for UF Linguistics students of the audio exercises accompanying William Smalley's Manual Of Articulatory Phonetics.

Lesson 16

Some Front Vowels


1. Table 16.1, practice
2. Same or different? 
3. Producing Unglided Front Unrounded Vowels
4. Glided or no?
5. Which Off-glide [y w r H]?
6. Negative practice: Removing [y] Off-glides
7. Mimicry: Front unrounded vowels
8. Negative Practice: "This is the House that Jack Built"
9. Vowels with and without Off-glides
10. Negative Practice: "Old MacDonald Had a Farm"

11. Mimicry: [y w r] On-glides
12. Negative Practice: "The Walrus and the Carpenter"
13. Identifying vowels (o, i, a, u, iota, epsilon, upsilon, caret, digraph, backwards c, script a)
14. Front Unrounded, Central Unrounded, or Back Rounded?
15. Tongue Height: High, Lower-High, Mid, Lower-Mid, Low, Lower-Low?
16. Tongue Height? Front/Central/Back? Rounded/Unrounded?
17. Khmu (Laos): Fine differences
18. Transcription