Digitized Smalley
a temporary presentation for UF Linguistics students of the audio exercises accompanying William Smalley's Manual Of Articulatory Phonetics.

Lesson 15


1. High and Low Tongue Laterals
2. High or Low?
3. Negative Practice: High and Low Tongue Laterals
4. Mimicry: French High Tongue Laterals
5. Voiceless lateral [L]
6. Fricative Laterals
7. Voiced or Voiceless?
8. Fricative or no?
9. One Segment or Two?
10. Mimicry: Voiceless and Fricative Laterals
11. Mimicry: Khmu Voiceless Fricative + Voiced Lateral
12. Alveopalatal Lateral
13. Alveolar or Alveopalatal?
14. High Tongue, Low Tongue, or Alveopalatal?
15. Dental Laterals
16. Mimicry: Italian Alveolar Lateral and High Tongue Dental Lateral

17. Lateral Affricates: Voiced or Voiceless?
18. Lateral Affricates: Aspirated or unaspirated?
19. Mimicry: Affricates

20. Buildups