Digitized Smalley
a presentation for UF Linguistics students of the audio exercises accompanying William Smalley's Manual Of Articulatory Phonetics.


Lesson 12

Vowels and Vowel Glides


1. English: some Off-glides
2. English: [y] Off-glides 
3. English: [w] Off-glides 
4. English: [r] Off-glides
5. English: [H] Off-glides
6. [H], raised h, or [h]?
7. [y], [w], [r], or [H]?
8. English: On-glides
9. Lack of Syllabicity on Glides
10. English: Glide Onsets with Preceding Consonant
11. Negative Practice: On-glides following Consonants
12. Three vowels
13. Negative Practice: [ow] [o]
14. Negative Practice: epsilon H, epsilon
15. Glided or no?
16. Three vowels
17. Glides again
18. Buildups: Pure Vowels and Glides
19. Buildups: Review of Stress and Timing
20. Reading