Korean Links


To accompany the textbook Integrated Korean:

Integrated Korean Beginning 1  (Realmedia)

Integrated Korean Beginning 2 (Realmediia)

Integrated Korean Intermediate 1 (Realmedia)

Integrated Korean Intermediate 2 (Realmedia)

Indiana University Center for Language Technology and Instructional Enrichment Korean Portal

In the Turlington language lab, the audio files should open in Sanako Media Player. By pressing the red "speak" button at the beginning, you can record your own practice. When you are finished, you can  play back both the master file and your own voice.

You can also "bookmark" a moment of the file by clicking on one of the numbers 1-0 on the Sanako Playeras the file is playing. When you want to return to that place, click the number again and the file will start playing from the bookmark.