FRE 1131 En Avant! 2

Activity 1:  En voyage à Paris!

When you travel to Paris, you and your friends will discover that there is plenty to do and see. It’s also very easy to walk between places in the city. 

Discuss with your partner what you will do at the Cathédrale Notre Dame, using the future tense of some of the verbs on your handout, and combining the verbs with logical items listed.

On the next screen, you will see a map of part of Paris and some destinations (your partner sees other destinations but the same map). Find the Cathédrale Notre Dame and then discuss with your partner how to go from there to Destination #1, from there to #2, from there to #3, from there to #4.

Use directions to discuss how you’ll get to the next one: prenons la rue X, tournons à gauche….

At each destination, discuss what you’ll do, using the future tense.