FRE 1131 En Avant! 1

Activity 1:  C’est qui, le/la coupable?

It was an eventful weekend at your apartment complex recently.

On Sunday evening, while everyone was around, someone pulled the fire alarm.

The fire department responded, everyone had to evacuate their apartments, and all the apartments had to be searched to make certain that there was no fire.

It took a long time and was very costly for the fire department. Now they want the culprit to pay!

In order to determine who pulled the alarm, compare notes with your partner. You know what some occupants of the apartment complex were doing at the time that the alarm sounded; he/she knows what others were doing.

Take turns sharing what you know about the individuals on your screen.  Explain who was where (which room?), and what they were doing, using the imperfect. 

When you have filled in the table that your instructor gave you, you will be able to determine who the guilty party is. Who doesn’t have an alibi? The first one has been filled in for you as a model.