TV Channels


The following Dish Network channels are available through Campus Cable, the network serving UF's classroom and office buildings.


20 – iTVN (Polish)

25 - Al Jazeera (Arabic)

36 – EuroNews (English/French/German)

44 – CCTV Espanol (Mandarin/Spanish)

49 – KBS World (Korean)


In 1317 Turlington currently six television setups receive the cable feed, though the channels are different from the above.

If a student or instructor wishes to use taped material in the classroom or for a presentation, or simply obtain it as a personal copy, that person should request that the program be taped (weekly, daily, or once). An instructor or student wishing to schedule taping of a particular program in advance should provide a tape and a written request for the time & channel, along with name and email address.

Note that, without special permission from the channel, the tape should be used for teaching within two weeks of the original broadcast, and discarded or taped over after 40 days. We will not copy these tapes..

The Campus Cable network reaches to some of the buildings in which language instructors teach or have offices; however, it may not have been extended into the rooms themselves. Campus Cable will complete the hookup and distribute the channels for a monthly fee.