Online Audio

Audio for the following courses is available online for enrolled UF language students. In most cases, a password is needed. To obtain a password,

Click on the link for your textbook and be prepared to enter the user ID and password for your course. The quickest way to report a problem is to send an email to

These files are intended only for U.F. students registered in these classes who have purchased the textbook and whatever workbooks, lab manuals, and so on are required. The companies reserve their rights. Students should not attempt to copy the audio.

Because this virtual lab is subject to occasional outages, and not all UF students  have the same computers,  some features may not work for you. Problems could involve the website programming, the audio server, or your own computer. Remember:

The quickest way to report a failure is to send an email to When preparing to listen to your lab exercises, check the audio on your computer. There should be a tiny yellow loudspeaker on the menu bar, usually running along the bottom of the Windows screen. Click on it to be sure it has not been set at "mute" and the volume is comfortable.