About the Language Learning Center

The Language Learning Center is dedicated to providing multimedia support to language students at the University of Florida. This mission includes working with language faculty to identify or create appropriate audio, visual, and computer-based materials, and to ensure that students can access materials in and out of the classroom, legally and conveniently. The Language Learning Center also houses materials for independent study of a number of languages.

The Language Learning Center serves as a natural commons for the UF language departments, centers, and institutes, and a resource for the technological needs of language instructors. It also offers a venue for speaking and listening examinations to the UF community and the Florida Department of Education.

The Language Learning Center is located in Turlington Hall 1317, with labs for classes in Turlington 1341, Little 215, and Little 225. It is part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and receives computing support from CLASnet. The Office of Academic Technology provides Language Learning Center services such as streaming media and satellite TV.

The center is directed by Judy Shoaf. See her blog: Who teaches languages at UF?

Main lab entrance: 1317 Turlington Hall. Phone: (352) 392-2112.

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