If you do a whole lesson on the same computer, you will end up with a score. It will tell you how many exercises there were of a particular type, how many times you tried it, and how many you got right. Notice that most of the exercises offered are in the Dialogue and Pronunciation categories.

Recording the practice should be done at the end of the session when you finish the work. This can be done in one of two ways:

(1) Ask a lab assistant to note down your scores.

(2) Press Print Screen. Press Ctrl + Esc. Using the Start menu, select Programs->Accessories->Paint. In the Paint interface, press Ctrl + V to paste the entire screen into the Paint program. Then save the image file into the appropriate folder on Crossroads. Or: save it on your desktop to email to your instructor. Name the file with your name or gatorlink userid and the lesson number (for example, jshoaf1.jpg). If you plan to email it, save it as a .jpg file in Paint; Paint's default format, bitmap, produces extremely large files, not good for emailing.

The results will certainly show up when you use new vocabulary and find yourself more comfortable speaking Japanese in class.

If your DIALOGUE scores are not showing up, check this Troubleshooting page.

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