Speaking and Listening exercises

There are two main kinds of speaking and listening exercises, the DIALOGUES and PRONUNCIATION. These use a kind of "speech recognition" that "knows" a few possible things you might say and tells you whether you said them correctly.In all cases, you are trying to match a model voice.

You can change the difficulty level of the recognition by going to OPTIONS
Options menu item'

and raising the level from 3 (normal) to 7 (hard). At 7, you have to try harder to match the model voices. Be sure that the "Speech recognition" option is checked; if it is not checked, the dialogues will not work or be scored properly.

NOTE: You can also use OPTIONS to specify what kind of text you want to see (no romanji at all, for example).

In these exercises, you will see an interface telling you to "Listen" and then to "Speak." For the Dialogues, you listen to a question or comment to which you must respond. For Pronunciation, you listen to the model voice.

If the whole thing is going too fast for you, you can use OPTIONS to slow it down. You can also just use the Pause button to get your bearings.

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Adjusting difficulty; interfaces for listening and speaking
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