French 1130 labs

Lab 1 (chapters 1 & 2)

Lab 2 (chapters 3 & 4)

Lab 3 (chapters 5 & 6)

Lab 4 (chapters 7 & 8)

Designed for students grouped so that three students can hear each other. There are also printed handouts which allow students to organize their activities.

Each lab has a preliminary conversation section designed to develop skills for the Oral Proficiency Interview. If necessary, students can be re-grouped after this conversation (e.g. if a few students were late and missed it).

Then each group of 3 students splits up to access 3 different sets of information. When the total number of students is not divisible by 3, groups of 4 are fine too. A group of 2 will not be able to acquire all the information required to complete the exercise.

The students work through three activities, going from one to the next after a little teacher input.