FRE 1130 En Avant!  2

Activité 2: Le Mariage de Sasha & Raoul

In the last activity, you met Sasha Anatu, of the LeClair family. She is engaged to Raoul.

Help her plan her wedding reception, by deciding with your partners which individuals should be seated together, based on information that each of you has about them. A few of Sasha’s family will be present, as well as some of her fiancé Raoul’s. 

Using only French, exchange information and then decide how you’ll arrange the two tables of six.  Be ready to justify your decisions!


Nom Loisirs Préférences
Julianne LeClair tennis, cinéma déteste le football
Marie Achard musées, cinéma aime lire
René Roi football, vélo pratique le sport
Christine Becker (épouse de Didier) natation, promenades aime danser


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