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PSYART is an online discussion group for the continuous exchange of ideas and information about the psychological study of literature and the arts or about psychoanalysis or psychology generally. With such a forum or LISTSERV, a message posted by any member of the group goes to the whole group. It's a continuing conversation or a bulletin board. The list currently has about 900 subscribers from more than fifty countries.

PSYART began in January 1993. Some of our more memorable discussions have addressed such questions as, What is the relation of mental illness to creativity? What are some fictional representations of disturbed therapists? What are the important books that have confused people about reality (e.g. the romances that mixed up Don Quixote)? What is the relation of cognitive science to the psychoanalytic study of the arts? What are good introductory textbooks in psychoanalysis? Is Lacan at all valid? Does analysis interfere with creativity?

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