Nicosia, Cyprus ("birthplace of Venus")
May 15-19, 2001

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TUESDAY, May 15, 7:30 - 9:30p
Opening Reception at Cyprus Hilton Hotel

WEDNESDAY, May 16, 9:30a
Opening Plenary Session at University of Cyprus -- Ceremony Hall, Main Building

Joanna Montgomery Byles, University of Cyprus, Moderator
Andreas Demetriou, Vice-Rector, University of Cyprus, Opening Remarks
Ruth Parkin Gounelas, Aristotle University (Thessaloniki, Greece),
"Related Objects: Some Thoughts on Recent Psychoanalytic Literary Theory"

11:00a Session 1A (parallel session) Fantasy and Mental Process -- Room E102

Francis Cartier, Mensa Education and Research Foundation (California USA), "How a Poet Communicates"
Henk Hillenaar, Universiteit van Groningen (Netherlands), "Forms of Fantasy"
Norman Holland [Chair], University of Florida (USA), "The Alp: The Human Sciences and the Neurosciences"

 11:00a Session 1B (parallel session) Psychoanalysis and the Novel -- Room E104

Rainer Krause, Universität zu Köln (Germany), "Summary Remarks on Franz Kafka: The Castle"
Shu-hui Tsai
, National Taiwan University (Taiwan, ROC), "Aesthetics of Disappearance: Gaze and the Sublime in Paul Auster's The New York Trilogy"
Paul Stewart [Chair], Intercollege Nicosia (Cyprus), "Containing Beckett's Molloy: The Frustration of Psychoanalysis"

12:30p Lunch (University cafeteria)

2:00p Tour of Nicosia

8:00p Movie [VHS] Shakespeare's Othello (UK 1965, dir. Burge, starring Olivier) -- Room E214


9:00a Session 2 (plenary session, 2 hours) The Holocaust -- Room E102

Rina Dudai, The Kibutzim College of Education (Tel-Aviv, Israel), "Primo is Speaking from the Flames"
Barbara Hassid, San Francisco State University (USA), "Mother Night:The Banality of Evil Re-visited"
Anne Rothe, University of California at Los Angeles (USA), "Challenging the Collective Memory of the Third Reich and the Holocaust in East Germany: Christa Wolf's Novel Kindheitsmuster"
Murray Schwartz [Chair], Emerson College (Massachusetts USA), "Rotten With Perfection: A Psychoanalytic Summation of the Holocaust"

 11:15a Session 3A (parallel session) Mythic Models of Psychic Processes -- Room E104

Charlotte Frick, Marymount Manhattan College (New York USA), "Concerning Hesiod's Allegorical Triadic Model of Thought (Zeus), Pre-Thought (Prometheus), and After-Thought (Epimetheus): Precursor to Freud's Triads of Superego, Ego, and Id -- Consciousness, Pre-Consciousness, and Unconscious"
Elizabeth Roll [Chair] (and Samuel Roll), University of New Mexico (USA), "Mourning with Job: A Psychoanalytic Exploration"

11:15a Session 3B (parallel session) Othello in Cyprus -- Room E204

Joanna Byles [Chair], University of Cyprus, "Some Brief Historical Notes on the Context of Shakespeare's Othello"
Christopher Pye
, Williams College (Massachusetts USA), "Pointing to Race in Othello"
Saundra Segan, Lehman College (New York USA), "The Pressure to Do Great Things and the Impulse to Resist It"
David Willbern, SUNY Buffalo (USA), "'Goats and monkeys!': Cyprus in Othello"

1:00p Lunch

2:30p Session 4A (parallel session) Reading Psychoanalytically -- Room E102

Annelies van Hees, Universiteit van Amsterdam (Netherlands), "A Literary Dream by H. C. Andersen"
William Flesch, Brandeis University (Massachusetts USA), "Fiction and Vicarious Experience"
Laszlo Halasz [Chair], Hungarian Academy of Sciences, (Budapest, Hungary), "A Comparative Study of Literary and Freudian Text Processing"

 2:30p Session 4B (parallel session) Fragmentations of the Subject -- Room E104  

Eleni V. Kalyva, University of Thessaloniki, "Kleinian Positions in John Fowles' `The Magus'"
Solange Leibovici , Universiteit van Amsterdam (Netherlands), "Autobiography and the Mirror Stage"
Shuli Barzilai [Chair], Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), "Nothing Is What It Seems: Reading a Primal-Like Scene in Margaret Atwood's "'Bluebeard's Egg'"

7:30p Lecture (Power House Museum Library)

Rita Severis, "Travelling Artists in 19th-Century Cyprus"
-- lecture followed by tour of museum exhibition

8:00p Movie [VHS] Dances with Wolves (USA 1990, dir. Costner) -- Room E214

FRIDAY, May 18

9:00a Session 5 (plenary session, 2 hours) Placing Plath -- Room E202

Nephie Christodoulides, University of Cyprus, "Letting the Doll Grip Go: Introjection in Sylvia Plath's 'Parliament Hill Fields'"
Dianne Hunter, Trinity College (Connecticut USA), "Sylvia's Vampires"
Barbara Miliaras, University of Massachusetts (USA), "'Every woman loves a Nazi...': Sylvia Plath: Seductive Victim or Second-Generation Devouring Mother?"
Antal Bokay [Chair], Janus Pannonius University (Hungary) "Poetics of the Body: Oedipal Experience and Poetic Representation in Attila Jozsef's 'Kesei irato' and Sylvia Plath's 'Daddy'"

11:15a Session 6A (parallel session) Freudian Histories -- Room E202

Joanna Byles, University of Cyprus, "'House of Psyche': Freud and Archaeology" 
Robert Silhol [Chair]
, Université de Paris VII (France), "The Paternal Metaphor: Two Case Studies"

11:15a Session 6B (parallel session) Culture and Race -- Room E204

Kyeong Hwangbo, University of Florida (USA), "Trauma and Narrative: The Broken Narrative of Self in Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye"
Andrew Gordon [Chair] (and Hernan Vera), University of Florida (USA), "Cowboys Playing Indians: More Racial Masquerade in the American Cinema"

1:00p Lunch

2:30p Session 7A (parallel session) Identity, Culture, and the Other -- Room E202

Nell Grossman Kupper, Northern Michigan University (USA), "Seducer with Identity-envy: Modern Consciousness Confronts the Dis-order of Multiculturalism"
Alexia Panayiotou, Harvard University (USA), "The Other Within the Self: An Analysis of Eight Literary Works on the Bilingual/Bicultural Self"
Samir Dayal [Chair], Bentley College (Massachusetts USA), "Eating the Other: Asserting or Incorporating Difference" 

 2:30p Session 7B (parallel session) Aboriginal Voices / Primordial Subjects -- Room E204

Maria Margaroni, University of Cyprus, "Julia Kristeva's chora and the Question of Castration"
Maria Aline Ferreira, Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal), "Not of Woman Born: Pregnant Fathers and Virgin Mothers"
Shirley Sharon-Zisser [Chair], Tel-Aviv University (Israel), "'Double Voice in Concaue Wombe Re-Worded': Archaic Subjectivity and/as Controversy In Psychoanalytic Theory and in Shakespeare's 'A Lover's Complaint'"

8:00p Movie [VHS] My Own Private Idaho (USA 1991, dir. Van Sant) -- Room E214


9:00a Session 8A (parallel session) Paranoia and the Visual -- Room E202 

Petros Panaou, Illinois State University (USA), "The Paranoia of the Postmodern Children's Book: The 'Public' Symbolic Space in the Picture Book and its Loss of Innocence"
Nancy Blake [Chair], University of Illinois (USA), "The Return of the Repressed: Surrealism, Revolution and Unconscious Desire"

9:00a Session 8B (parallel session) Psychologies of the Subject -- Room E204

Laura Quinney, Brandeis University (Massachusetts USA), "Empiricism and Self-Division: William Blake's Psychological Theory"
Myoung Ah Shin, Kyung Hee University (KOREA), "A Defense of the Lacanian Concepts of the Symbolic and the Real Against Judith Butler's Critique of Them"
Roi Weiser [Chair], Tel Aviv University (Israel), "'You know too much': The Possibilities of Non-Oedipal Subjectivity in My Own Private Idaho"

11:15a  Session 9 (plenary) Concluding Conversation -- Room E202

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12:30p Lunch

2:00p Tour of Kakopetria

7:00p Banquet -- Hilton Terrace & Fontana Restaurant