Registration Form
for the 1998 International Conference

You can register online using the form below. Update your form as you get further information about your plans. Please note, however, that your registration is not complete until we receive your initial check for $250 US. You can get your deposit back before May 1, 1998 for any reason at all, but there will be no returns after that date. A further $500 US will be due at the time of the conference. Because of our complicated arrangements with the Russians, we cannot reduce these amounts for those who come late to the conference or leave early.

If you wish to give a paper, we should receive your title and abstract at the same time as your check. As stated above and as decided at the 1997 conference, the 1998 conference will be limited to fifty papers. Presenters will be accepted for the program on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Last Name:
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For how many people do you need housing? One Two Three
Names of persons coming with you to the conference:
If attending alone, would you prefer to have a single room or to share what may be a less expensive double with someone of the same sex? Share Don't share
If yes, we can assign roommates, or you can specify here the conferee with whom you prefer to share:
Do you have any special dietary needs (e.g., vegetarian)?

When are you arriving at the conference? Date: Time:
When are you leaving the conference? Date: Time:
If you will be staying someplace other than the St. Petersburg Hotel, the address and telephone number where you will be staying:

What is your exact paper title?

Please enter your abstract here. The abstract should be no longer than 150 words!

What language is it in?
What special equipment do you need (VCR, tape recorder, slide projector, etc.)?

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