GAP (Group for Applied Psychology)

   IPSA runs this group, which meets monthly for dinner and the discussion of a pre-circulated paper by an invited guest or one of the IPSA regulars (often work in progress). GAP members are concerned with the application of psychology to other fields: literature, for example, or the arts, anthropology, law, or sociology. Topics range from the history of psychoanalysis to case presentations to the showing of psychologically-oriented films.
   Over the years, our visitors have included: Jeffrey Berman, Christopher Bollas, Thomas Caramagno, John Gedo, Phyllis Grosskurth, George Lakoff, Eric S. Rabkin, Paul Roazen, Madelon Sprengnether, Robert Tucker, Mark Turner, David Willbern, Cynthia Griffin Wolff, and many other distinguished thinkers. Our local members come from the English Department: Andrew Gordon, Norman Holland, David Leverenz, Marie Nelson, Bernard Paris, Peter Rudnytsky; from Linguistics: Anne Wyatt-Brown; from Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology: Molly Harrower, Ross McElroy and Sam Greenberg; and from other departments: Dan Moors (French), Bertram Wyatt-Brown (History), Hernan Vera (Sociology). Many others participate occasionally in IPSA, among them local clinicians. If you share our interests and are going to be near Gainesville, give Ms. Sonja Moreno a call at (352) 392-7332 to see if there's a GAP you might wish to attend.

Programs for 1994-97 have been as follows:

September, 1994: Norman Holland (English, University of Florida)
The Internet Regression
October, 1994: Al and Peggy Tilley (English; Counseling, University of North Florida
Life Stories and Therapy
November, 1994: Andrew Gordon and Hernan Vera (English; Sociology, University of Florida)
The Unbearable Whiteness of Being: Sincere Fictions of the White Self in the American Cinema
December, 1994: Bertram Wyatt-Brown (History, University of Florida)
The Desperate Imagination: Writers and Melancholy in the Modern American South
January, 1995: Cynthia Griffin Wolff (Humanities, M.I.T.)
Time and Memory in Cather's Sapphira and the Slave Girl: Sex, Abuse, and Art
February, 1995: Eric Rabkin (English, University of Michigan)
Forbidden Fruit: The Thematics of Eating in Science-Fiction
March, 1995: Stephanie Ortega (German, SUNY at Buffalo)
Object Relations and Violence: Margarethe von Trotta's Response to the Question `Where Do Lady Terrorists Come From?'
April, 1995: Lawrence Friedman (History, Indiana University)
Erik H. Erikson's Critical Themes and Voices: The Task of Synthesis

September, 1995. Norman Holland (English, University of Florida)
8 1/2 and Me, together with a showing of the Fellini film
October, 1995. Bruce Thomas Boehrer (English, Florida State University)
The Ordure of Things: Historicizing Ben Johnson's Anality
November, 1995. Peter Rudnytsky (English, University of Florida)
`Private Wounds': Psychoanalytic Reflections on Domestic Tragedy (on four Renaissance plays)
January, 1996:. Andrew Gordon (English, University of Florida)
Shame and Saul Bellow's `Something to Remember Me By'
February, 1996: Paul Roazen (Emeritus, Political Science, York University)
The Historiography of Psychoanalysis
April, 1996: Virginia Blum (English, University of Kentucky)
Plastic Surgery and Narcissism

September, 1996: Norman Holland (English, University of Florida)
Vertigo and Me, together with a showing of the Hitchcock film
October, 1996: Prof. Jeffrey Berman (English, SUNY/Albany)
Unmasking Shame in a Writing Course
November, 1996, Samuel Greenberg, M.D. (Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Florida, Emeritus)
Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: Psychosocial Issues
Dec. 5, 1996, Peter Rudnytsky (English, University of Florida)
Fear of the Vagina in King Lear
Jan. 23, 1997: Tom Maren (Dept. of Pharmacology, University of Florida)
Coleridge, DeQuincy, and Opium Addiction
Feb. 27, 1997: Christopher Fortune (independent scholar, Canada) of Florida)
The Ferenczi-Groddeck correspondence
Mar. 20, 1997: Stephanie Dryden (English, Stetson University)
Female Fetishism in Fiction
Apr. 17, 1997: David Willbern (English, SUNY/Buffalo)
On Shakespeare's Style
Jan. 29, 1998: Prof. Barbara Shapiro (Rhode Island College)
Transitional States and Psychic Change: Thoughts on Reading D.H. Lawrence
Feb. 3, 1998: Prof. Phyllis Grosskurth (University of Toronto)
Byron: The Flawed Angel
Mar. 19, 1998: Prof. Bertram Wyatt-Brown (University of Florida)
Dark Forebodings: Edgar Allen Poe's Influence, Honor, and Madness
Apr. 16, 1998: Prof. Cynthia Burack (Poly Sci., University of Florida)
Does Psychoanalysis Have a Place?

Sep. 12, 1998: Prof. Norman Holland (English, University of Florida)
The Seventh Seal
Oct. 8, 1998: Prof. Maureen Turim (University of Florida)
Let's Hope the Red Army Isn't Listening in on Us
Nov. 12, 1998: Prof. Scott Nygren (University of Florida)
Urga and the Metapsychology of Postnational Identity
Dec. 3, 1998: Prof. Claire Kahane (SUNY, Buffalo)
The Maternal Scream in Cynthia Ozick

If you share our interests and are going to be near Gainesville on one of our evenings, do give us a call at (904) 392-7332 to see if there's a GAP you might enjoy.

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