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The 26th International Literature and Psychology Conference

- 2009 -

University of Viterbo
July 1 - July 6, 2009

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The Cathedral

    The annual International Literature and Psychology Conference (ILPC) provides a forum for the exchange of ideas on the psychological study of the arts. We welcome papers using psychoanalysis or other psychologies to explore literature, film, or other arts. Last year's participants came from France, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Poland, Greece, and, of course, many from all over the U.S.A. Such a group always makes for challenging and intriguing discussions of ideas.

We are pleased to announce that our 26th annual International Conference on Literature and Psychology will take place July 1-5, 2009 at the University of Viterbo, Italy. Our host will be the genial film scholar Fabio Troncarelli, a longtime veteran of our International Conference, who is a professor at Viterbo.

Our 25th International Conference, held in July 2008 in Lisbon, Portugal, was one of our most memorable, owing to the charm of Lisbon and to the splendid hospitality of Dr. Frederico Pereira and the Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada. It featured over 60 fine papers from scholars of literature and psychology and literature and film from around the world and a tribute to the work of Professor Norman Holland. Conference highlights included a walking tour of Lisbon's Alfama district, a bus tour to the Palace of Sintra, and a banquet at a fado restaurant.

    2009 promises to be just as memorable. Ah, Italy! The food, the sights, the friendliness, the gelato. Italy has always been one of the conference's favorite countries.


Viterbo is an ancient city in the Lazio region of central Italy, 100 kilometers (60 mi.) north of Rome, easily accessible by highway and by hourly trains from Rome. Viterbo's historic center is one of the best preserved medieval towns of central Italy, surrounded by medieval walls, still intact. Palazzo dei papi
The main attraction is the Papal Palace (Palazzo dei Papi), the former country residence of the Pope. The columns of the palace come from a Roman temple. The second most important monument is the Cathedral of S. Lorenzo, erected in Romanesque style, with a Gothic belfry from the first half of the 14th century. IMAGE Aside from many fine old palaces and churches and works of art, Viterbo is located in a thermal area, which attracts many tourists.

Parco dei mostri Northern Lazio is packed with things to do, yet travelers seldom think of it. Bomarzo, just south of vaunted Bagnoregio, hosts the Monster Park, which features sun-dappled works giving light to the dark mythological world of the "cinquecento" or the 1500s. When Giulia Farnese died, her husband Prince Pier Francesco Orsini called upon architect Pirro Ligorio to create a "Villa of Wonders" in homage to her. (Orsini was called upon to complete St. Peter's in Rome after Michelangelo died, and built the Villa d'Este in Tivoli, so he was no weekend tinkerer.) Still, the park never seemed to catch on with the populace, and it remained relatively unknown until Giovanni Bettini bought it in 1954 and started to manage and restore it. The result, a sort of mythological dream time brought to life, is now quite popular with those who go a little out of their way to see it. You can take marvelous photographs.

Viterbo-the city Here is some further information about Viterbo.

And here is more informationabout Cerveteri

Information about trains from Rome to Viterbo and Viterbo to Rome.

Here are some websites that you may find useful in planning tourism for your stay in Viterbo:


One can easily reach Viterbo from Rome. We have put a link above to information about trains between Rome and Viterbo. We will shortly post information about driving and transportation from the airport to Trastevere station in Rome. the airport.  


    We will be staying at two hotels:

Mini Palace
Via s. Maria della Grotticella, 2b
01100 Viterbo (VT)
Telephone: 0761 309 742
Fax +39.0761.34

        The Minipalace is just in front of the University (about 200 meters). It is small, with only six single rooms and 20 double rooms. Single rooms are 66 euros; doubles are 75 euros. See the map or the hotels brochure.

Balletti Palace Hotel
Viale Trento, 100
Viterbo (VT) - 0761 344 777

        The Balletti Palace is bigger, and it is less than a mile from the University. 55 euros per room. It is not difficult to get to the University from the Balletti: you go straight on following via Raniero Capocci for a mile and you'll arrive at a crossing in front of the railway station of Porta Romana: the University is on your left (see the map). If you don't like to walk, there is a hotel shuttle and also the bus and the train (both stop at 50 meters from the hotel). The Balletti is not marked on the map, but it easy to find: it is approximately where Viale Trieste crosses Viale Raniero Capocci.

    Registrants are responsible for making their own arrangements with the hotels. Both are 4-star hotels.


Registration & Papers

    Papers should be short, 20 minutes at most. Ours is a very convivial conference, but the one complaint we get again and again is that speakers do not stick to the time limit! Please begin now to think about observing this time limit, so as to allow for the maximum number of presenters. Normal speaking rate is 140 words per minute, and, for clarity, a scholarly presentation should be somewhat slower. Our standard 20-minute limit allows you to speak about 2400 words. An additional 10 minutes are allotted for discussion of each paper, and discussion should take place after each paper, not at the end of the session. For each session, there will be a moderator responsible for keeping speakers within twenty minutes. The moderator speaks last in the session, and it is therefore to his or her self-interest to keep to the schedule.

     Papers may be in English, French, or German, and they may deal with any application of psychology to the study of literature, film, or the other arts. And, when submitted for the printed post-conference proceedings, they can be as long as you like. Please prepare your abstract and add it to the registration form below. Abstracts must be less than 150 words. Any excess will simply be ignored. Also, please, e-mail your abstract to our program assistant, Ms. Coleman .

    The deadline for sending us your title and abstract and registration fee is April 1 or the time at which we receive 65 abstracts, titles and registration fees. whichever comes sooner. Papers with completed registration, i.e., all three items submitted, by the deadline are assured a slot on the program. Abstracts submitted after then will be put on a waiting list and will be put on the program as cancellations permit.

    For a complete registration, we require three items:

  1. a completed registration form (see below) including paper title

  2. title and brief abstract of paper (150 words maximum; excess will be omitted). These abstracts enable us to place your paper in an appropriate session. We will also publish them online and distribute the abstracts at the conference.
  3. A registration fee of $295 U.S. You will find instructions for payment after the registration form below. The $295 includes a $25 tax-deductible donation to the PsyArt Foundation, as voted in 2005. We regret the increase this year, but it has been made necessary by our loss of financial support from the University of Florida and the weakening of the dollar against the euro, which has increased our expenses. The registration fee is refundable (except for the $25 donation) for any reason until May 1, but not thereafter for any reason. The donation makes you a member of PsyArt, entitled—and encouraged—to attend and vote at the annual meeting which will take place on July 5 at the conference in Viterbo.


Registration Form 2009

    Important: Include your e-mail address below. It will not come through to us automatically from this form, and, if we don't have it, our communications with you will be impossible. Make very sure it is typed in correctly.

     If, by April, you are not getting e-mail from us, let us know. Your registration has probably gone wrong. Do not assume that some currency arrangement you made the previous year is still effective. Do not leave your registration for some friend to do. Make sure that we have your complete registration (all three items!) and your correct e-mail address. Communicate!

Last Name:
First Name and Initial:
e-mail address (important! be sure it is correct!):
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Telephone during business hours (include all codes):
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Fax Phone (include all codes):
For how many people do you need housing? One Two Three
Names of persons coming with you to the conference:
Conference dates are July 1 to July 6. We assume most conferees will arrive on Wednesday July 1 and depart on Monday, July 6. .
When are you arriving at the conference? Date: Time:
When are you leaving the conference? Date: Time:
Do you have any special dietary requirements (e.g., vegetarian)?

For each person attending the conference in your party, please fill out the sections above in a new online form. Please indicate clearly in the adjoining space "No Paper" if that is the case for this person. Otherwise indicate the title and abstract below. And please provide a registration fee for each person in your party attending the conference (see below). The expense for the conference managers is the same for each attendee, whether or not that person is giving a paper.

What is your exact paper title?

Please enter your abstract here. The abstract should be no longer than 150 words. Words after the 150th will be omitted. Please note that your registration is not complete until we have received the abstract.

In what language will you deliver your paper?

What special equipment do you need (VCR, tape recorder, slide projector, etc.)? Remember that European video formats are different from the U.S.'s.

Do you have anything else you wish to tell us, for example, dates on which you cannot speak or papers you wish to be paired with? We will do our best to accommodate you.

Address inquiries about your registration to:
Ms. Marie Coleman Ms. Coleman .

To reduce spam, please enter the last name of the founder of psychoanalysis.

Last-minute changes in titles, abstracts, and schedule cause endless difficulty for the organizers. This year, we will not accept changes in title or abstract after May 15 nor changes in the schedule after one week from the time the organizers e-mail the schedule.


    Your conference registration fee pays for a reception Wednesday evening July 1, sessions from Thursday July 2 through Sunday morning July 5, coffee breaks, a walking tour of Viterbo on Thursday afternoon July 2, and a bus tour to Cerveteri and the Etruscan graves (description and picture) and a final banquet on Sunday, July 5. The registration fee is $295 U.S., $25 of which is a tax-deductible donation to the PsyArt Foundation which supports the conference, the journal, and the listserv. We regret the increase, but it is necessitated by the loss of our funding from the University of Florida.The registration fee (except for the 25$ donation) is refundable for any reason until May 1, but not for any reason thereafter. The donation makes you a member of PsyArt, entitled to attend and vote at the annual meeting to be held on Sunday, July 6, in Viterbo. Please do attend and vote in Viterbo.

    U.S. registrants can send a check to our treasurer, made out to "PsyArt Foundation." Our address is:

PsyArt Foundation
c/o Norman Holland
5000 S.W. 25t Blvd., Apt. 3117
Gainesville FL 32608-8931

     For Western European and other non-U.S. registrants, we have found a local bank that does not put a heavy surcharge on foreign checks. Non-U.S. registrants who cannot arrange payment through their banks or through PayPal should contact

    Alternatively, both U.S. and non-U.S. registrants from many countries can pay through our PsyArt account at That way you can simply charge your registration to your credit card over the Internet with no delay and save the bother of mailing a check. If you do pay this way, however, we ask that you add 3% ($9) to your payment, because that is what PayPal charges us for a credit card payment into the account.

    Registrants may choose to sign up for a PayPal account during the Web "Accept payment" process. An "account" simply means telling PayPal your name, address, and your credit card number.

    Registrants outside the U.S. may need to take a few extra steps to pay or to establish a PayPal account. You may need to sign up for PayPal separately before making payment to the conference. Here are the directions for doing so.

    Signing up for a PayPal account does not commit you to anything—it just enables you to use your credit card to make payments on the Internet to this conference (and anything else that catches your fancy). The Wall Street Journal, no less!, assures us that this method of payment is more secure than check or money order.

    To begin the PayPal payment process, click on the icon to the right—.

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