Selected Papers from the 2004 Conference

Stephen Bonnycastle

The Dream of Scipio and the Psychology of Gnosticism

Susan Hathaway Boydston

Grendel, The Biting Baby Monster

Patrick Brady

New Psychology After 1920 is Pseudo-psychology Only to Pseudo-intellectuals

Anca Cristofovici

Clear Liquid Thought: The Photographs of Jim Dine

Elizabeth Fox

Joan Riviere in the History (and Depiction) of Narcissism

Elizabeth Fox-Kales

Cinematic Cross-Dressing: Sexual Disguise vs. Gender Transformations

László Halász

The Psychology of the Terrorist Based on Joseph Conrad's Vision

Henk Hillenaar

Memory According to Proust and Freud

Norman N. Holland

Tickled Rats and Human Humor

Dianne Hunter

Maternal Legacy in Frankenstein

Rainer Kaus

Albert Camus’ The Stranger - Indifference or the Love of Life?

Astrid Lange-Kirchheim

Gender trouble in Thomas Mann's early novella
Der kleine Herr Friedemann (Little Herr Friedemann)
Marie-France Rouart

Ritual Murder as Literary Fiction: The Inversion of Logic?

Robert Silhol

Mind the Gap

Carole Stone

The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook: Nameless Cookie?

Anne M. Wyatt-Brown

Religion, Age, and Identity after the Holocaust

Sherry Lutz Zivley

Excessive Suspension of Disbelief: Raymond Jean's La Lectrice

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