Listening to papers . . .

Yes, papers, papers . . .

The wonderful street markets in Arles

Lunch -- very important at Arles!

The lunches were wonderful!

The talent and their 4th of July cake

Contentedly schmoozing

JIm Swan makes a point

We hope Andy is looking at the computer screen

The amphitheater in Arles

Yves Thoret and Nancy Blake play tourists

Anca, Dawn, and Andy being sanctified

Sherry, Robert our host, Dawn, and Yves --more sanctity

Yves Thoret answers a question

The marvelous Graeco-Roman ruins at Glanum

Esther and Juan - who will host us in Cordoba

Norm is furiously explaining

And Murray is cheerful

Sam makes a point to our Iranians

Edmond and Robert - our host

Norm and Nancy among the ruins

Yves and Nelly Kupfer on tour

A couple of old Buffaloons

Norm offers benediction

Unseemly merrymaking: Betsy, Robert, Martine, Nancy, Yves

More tipping! David, Margret, Andy, Anca

Off on their own!

We tried for a group photo - our hostess Martine on the right

Another attempt -- too many people!

They're getting out of hand!

Smile, everybody!

Henk scrambles to get into the picture

He made it!