JULY 2-6, 1997

The 1997 International Literature and Psychology Conference, held July 2-6 in the Palacio Castillo Magalia in Las Navas del Marques, Spain, was judged by all participants to be our finest yet. The picturesque and palatial setting, the excellent Spanish food, and the conviviality of the conferees made for a wonderful time. On the program, there were 63 papers by scholars from Israel, South Africa, Australia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Canada, and the U.S. The keynote address, delivered by Dr. Frederico Pereira, director of the Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada in Lisbon and editor of our annual conference volume, concerned "The Symbol as Presence." Other conference highlights included tours to Avila and El Escorial, local folk dance performed in the courtyard of the Palace, and the final banquet, followed by a flaming drink called a queimada and the conferees' own attempts at Spanish dance! The meeting was unforgettable, largely due to the tireless organizing of Professor Esther Sanchez-Pardo of the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and her husband Juan Imperial.

This was the program:


July 2 7:00p Opening reception and dinner


July 3 8:30a Desayuno (continental breakfast)

9:30a KEYNOTE ADDRESS. "The Symbol as Presence"

Frederico Pereira

Director, Instituto Superior Psicologia Aplicada (Lisbon)

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 SESSION 1

Daniel Ross (Columbus State U), "The Burden of Grief in Willa Cather's `My Antonia'"

Claire Kahane (SUNY Buffalo), "Lagerlogick and Holocaust Narrative"

[Chair] Shuli Barzilai (Hebrew U. Jerusalem), "`Grandma, what a dreadfully big mouth you have!: Trauma and Denial"

11:30 SESSION 2

Bertram Wyatt-Brown (U Florida), "Sylvia Plath, Depression and Suicide: A New Interpretation"

Donald Vanouse (SUNY Oswego), "Nature Disease, and Desire: John Updike's Visions of His Mother's Farm"

[Chair] Anne Wyatt-Brown (U Florida), "Henry Roth's Swan Song"

11:30 SESSION 3

Elaine Baruch (New York U), "The Case of Richard Wagner's Heroines: Breaking the Sexual and Musical Codes"

Seymour Rosenberg (Rutgers U), "Emotions Reflected in Picasso's Portraiture of Four Women in His Intimate Life"

[Chair] Marcia Green (San Francisco State U), "Framing the Film: The Psychological Impact of Music in Orson Wells' Othello"

1:30p Comida (lunch)

4:00 Tour: buses depart for Avila

8:30 Cena (dinner)


July 4 8:30a Desayuno

9:30a SESSION 4

Maria Carmen Perez Diez (U. Complutense Madrid), "La disociaciones de la figura femenina materna en la literatura infantil. `Blancanieves y los siete enamitos': De la adecuacion psicologia a la correcion politica"

Dulce Rodriguez Gonzalez (U. Complutense Madrid). "El nombre en la escriture de Antonio Machado: Una approximacion psicoanalytica"

9:30a SESSION 5

Marty Sapp (U. Wisconsin/Milwaukee), "Psychoanalysis and the Use of Semantics: Understanding the Client's Internal Dialogue"

Nancy Sherrod (Georgia Southern U.), "The Me and Not Me of Creativity"

[Chair] Antal Bokay (Janus Pannonius U.), "Joyce, Carroll, and Schreber and the Language of the Unconscious Telephone"

9:30a SESSION 6

Marcia Landau (Albuquerrque NM), "Oliver's Adventures: A Terrifying Tale of Abuse"

Pierre Met, "Dorian Gray and the Birth of the Subject"

[Chair] Sue Finkelstein (Cleveland, OH), "`What's a Nice English Boy Doing in a Swamp Like This?'"

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 SESSION 7

Virginia Blum (U Kentucky), "Screen Memories: Cosmetic Surgery and the Two-Dimensional Subject"

Donald Williams (U Florida), "Projecting the Psyche of the Thwarted Rescuer: The Presidential Capaign Speeches of Eugene V. Debs, Socialist Evangel"

[Chair] Jerry Flieger (Rutgers U), "Cyberanalysis in Psychospace: Freud as Avatar"

11:30 SESSION 8

Roland Pierloot (U Leuven), "Birken's Struggle for Separateness in Women in Love"

George Johnson (U College Cariboo), "The Failure to Mourn and the New Mysticism in the Fiction of May Sinclair, Virginia Woolf, and D.H. Lawrence"

[Chair] Esther Sanchez-Pardo (U Madrid), "Melancholia and the Art of Biography in Lytton Strachey"

11:30 SESSION 9

Frances Vargas-Gibbons (U Oriente), "Sir Gawain's Memoirs"

Carole Stone (Montclair State U), "The Case of Madame E and the Jews: Id, Ego, and Super-Ego in Chaucer's Prioress's Tale"

1:30p Comida

3:30 SESSION 10

Sherry Lutz Szivley (U Houston), "Neurosis and Recovery in Drabble's `Waterfall'"

Kay Torney Souter (La Trobe U), "The Omnivorous Child and the Vanishing Family: The Autobiographies of Janet Frame"

[Chair] Cynthia Schmidt-Cruz (U Delaware), "The Lure of the Preoedipal Mother in Stories of Julio Cortazar"

3:30 SESSION 11

David Pollard (Nazareth College), "The Uncanny `Nothing' of Shakespearean Tragedy"

Marvin Krims (Harvard U), "Prince Hal's Riot"

[Chair] Joan Byles (U Cyprus), "The Cyprus Wars in Othello"

3:30 SESSION 12

Henry Krips (U Pittsburgh), "Looking Awry at Zizek"

Erik Nakjavani (U Pittsburgh), "Lacanian Stylistics as the Subversion of Structural Poetics"

[Chair] Maurice Despinoy (Marseilles), "Survey of the Theoretical Tendencies at the `International'"

5:00 Coffee break

8:30 Cena


July 5 8:30a Desayuno

9:30a SESSION 13

Tamise Van Pelt (Idaho State U), "Strategic Foundationalism and the Discourse of Difference"

Yana Hashamova (U Illinois), "Love in Death: The Unknown Jouissance / Salvador Dali"

[Chair] Nancy Blake (U Illinois), "Lacan and Surrealism"

9:30a SESSION 14

Stephen Bonnycastle (Royal Military College), "Bibliotherapy and Reader Response Criticism"

Richard Armstrong (U Houston), "Discharge Clarifies Nothing: New Currents in the Interpretation of Aristotle's Poetics and the Critical Value of Freud's View of Catharsis"

[Chair] Laszlo Halasz (Budapest), "The Transformation of the Reader"

9:30a SESSION 15

Giorgia Mereu (U Padova), no title

Frederico Pereira (ISPA), "Malangatana, Painter and Poet: Dream and Culture"

[Chair] Robert Silhol (U Paris 7), "Hamlet's Soliloquy"

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 SESSION 16

Veronique Duprey (U Nijmegen), "Albert Cohen Comes: de la volubilite au silence des intarce"

Mieke Taat (U Amsterdam), "Legetique yourcenarienne et auscultique freudienne"

[Chair] Solange Liebovici (U Amsterdam), "Sado-masochisme dans les romans de la Comtesse de Sigur"

11:30 SESSION 17

Anita Higgie (Paris), no title

Beatriz Priel (Ben Gurion U), no title

11:30 SESSION 18

Maria Solino (U Houston), "Bettelheim Rebuked: Psychoanalytic Readings of Fairy Tales in the Novels of Esther Tusquet and Ana Maria Matute"

Maria Ferreira (U Aveiro), "The Passion of the New Oedipus: Angela Carter's `Passion of the New Eve'"

[Chair] Annelies Van Hees (U Amsterdam), "Angela Carter's Story on Mary Magdalene: A Linguistic Miracle"

1:30p Comida

3:30p SESSION 19

Andrew Gordon (U Florida), "`All in the Family': Family Privacy in Coppola's The Godfather and The Godfather II"

John Higgins (U Capetown), "Montage in Cinema and Psychoanalysis: Hitchcock's Spellbound and Freud's Traumdeutung"

[Chair] Norman Holland (U Florida), "Bergman's Persona and the Primitive Psyche"

3:30p SESSION 20

Alice Adams (Miami U/Oxford), "Original Deviance: Psychology and the Reproduction of Lesbian Sexuality"

Cheryl Johnson (Miami U/Oxford), "I Stayed Alive for You, Didn't I?': The Psychology of Race and Gender in Black Women's Slave-Novels"

[Chair] William Spurlin (Columbia U), "When Clinic and Culture Collide: (Re) Reading Gender and Sexuality in Queer, Fminist, and Psychoanalytic Inquiry"

3:30p SESSION 21

Douglas Wilson (U Denver), "Psychoanalytic Approaches to Romanticism"

Gabriel Carey (U Massachusetts), "A Relation of Suspicion: Talents, Interests, Callings and the Problem of Professional `Fit' in A.S. Byatt's Angels and Insects"

[Chair] Gordon Hirsch (U Minnesota), "Ardor and Shame in George Eliot's Middlemarch"

5:00 Coffee Break

8:30 Cena


July 6 8:30a Desayuno

9:30a SESSION 22

Maria Dolores Martinez Reventos (U Madrid), "`The Yellow Wallpaper': The Return of the Repressed"

Yves Thoret (U Paris 10), "The Concept of Imago in Carl Spitteler's Novel, Imago"

[Chair] Geoffrey Green (San Francisco State U), "`I want to be part of it, that's all': David Mamet's Homicide and the Politics of Inclusion"

9:30a SESSION 23

Valerie Krips (U Pittsburgh), "Emblems of the Self"

Judith Minton (New York U School of Medicine), "The Female Therapist in Film: Gender Issues"

[Chair] Elizabeth Fox (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), "Joan Riviere: Theory, Autobiography and the Masquerade"

9:30a SESSION 24

Astrid Lange-Kirchheim (Albert Ludwig U), "Kafkas Amerika -- Roman "Der Verschollene" ("America"): I. Kafkas erotischer Mythos?"

Claudia Liebrand (Albert Ludwig U), "Kafkas Amerika - Roman "Der Verschollene" ("America"): II. Gender Trouble"

11:00 Coffee break


General Discussion and Plans for 1998

1:30 Comida

4:00 Tour: Buses depart for El Escorial

8:30 Banquet

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