Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies


Name: Catelyn Cantrell
Year: Class of 2014
Medieval Literature, Culture and Modeling

"The IDS program required me to consider the purpose of my undergraduate studies. I centered my classes, thesis and research around a single inquiry: How did medieval spatial thought inform the literature of the High Middle Ages? Being able to work across disciplines introduced me to new professors and interests, which led me to two conference presentations and a fellowship. Through these experiences, I learned how to manage products and develop my own ideas. My IDS mentor, Dr. Mary Watt, was key to my professional development and an invaluable reference. The IDS application and program prepared me for a successful application cycle for graduate programs in both literature and education. For students interested in graduate study, the IDS program is a logical choice because of its research requirement and mentorship opportunities.

After receiving offers to a few different programs, I decided on a career in secondary education. Having been an IDS major, I understand both the differences and connections between different subject areas. On a more practical level, my interdisciplinary background will allow me to obtain certification in English and Social Studies. I look forward to learning how to use the knowledge I built as an IDS major to benefit communities outside of the university."

Name: Leanne Dumeny
Year: Class of 2013
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

"Doing the IDS program in biochemistry and molecular biology helped me to make the most of my undergraduate experience. I became interested in the IDS program because of the flexibility to do research and take the classes needed to develop my project. The additional exposure to research also allowed me to make progress on my own research project and develop a strong background to support any project in graduate school. I was drawn to pursue an MD/PhD because I can gain both research and clinical experiences to know how to treat patients and to improve therapies through research. I was also able to satisfy all the requirements for medical school while getting exposure to the fundamentals for research such as molecular biology, genetics, physiology, and microbiology."


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