The ICLS regional branches

Regional Branches of ICLS

Membership in ICLS is to be sought through a regional branch.
Those who share our interests and whose principal place of residence or professional activity is in  a country that has no ICLS branch may join the most convenient branch.

Four branches currently have their own websites:

 International Courtly Literature Society, North American Branch  

 The International Courtly Literature Society,  British Branch and see also the Facebook Group!

Branche française - SILC  

Internationale Gesellschaft für Höfische Literatur - Deutsche Sektion

Information on other branches may be found on this site.
Belgium           Italy            Netherlands           Switzerland            Tunisia          Iberia


Denmark and Norway

Jonna Kjær (Københavns Universitet)


Shigemi Sasaki (University of Tokyo--Meisei)
1-11-31 Teraya, Tsurumi-ku
230 - 0015 Yokohama, Japan

New Zealand and Australia

Glynnis M. Cropp (Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand)


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