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CLAS Assembly Minutes

May 1, 2006
4:10 p.m. in the Keene Faculty Center (Dauer Hall)

  1. The CLAS Assembly was called to order at 4:10pm.

  2. Dean Neil S. Sullivan, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and Professor of Physics, announced the Assembly election results for term 2006-2008:

    President pro tempore:  John Moore (Anthropology)

    Curriculum Committee: Kendal Broad (Sociology), David Julian (zoology), Geraldine Nichols (RLL), Beth Rosenson (Political Science)

    Nominating Committee: Diana Boxer (Linguistics), James Fry (Physics), Bernard Hauser (Botany), Ana Margheritis (Political Science), Milagros Pena (Sociology)

    He also announced results of the Senate election:

    Newly elected CLAS University Senators (AY 2006-2009): Jane Brockman (Zoology), Dave Hackett (Religion), Pradeep Kumar (Physics), John Leavey (English), Stephen Mulkey (Botany), Scott Nygren (English), Steve Perez (Sociology), Ron Randles (Statistics), Chris Snodgrass (English), Pham Tiep (Mathematics), Patricia Woods (Political Science), Barbara Zsembik (Sociology).

  3. CLAS constitution.  Jed Keesling (Mathematics) gave a presentation and led a discussion regarding the directions for a new CLAS constitution.  The emphasis was on shared governance.  One of the points discussed concerned the Advisory Committee.  The current Advisory Committee has membership by invitation extended by the Dean’s Office.  The question then arises how its membership ought to be determined in the future.  The following factors were discussed, among others:

    1. Determination of the membership: For example, some members of the Advisory Committee might be determined by election and some by invitation;
    2. Visibility of the candidates who wish to be elected: For example, to ensure that the electorate is familiar with platforms of candidates, candidates may promote their goals on their website (or by some other means);
    3. Representational issues: The fair representation of the various Departments, Programs, and Centers of the College must be assured.
  4. Dean Sullivan concluded the meeting with highlighting the awards and distinctions granted to faculty, students and other people who were previously associated with the College.  He also mentioned successes in private fund raising, the upcoming graduation ceremony, and addressed some questions regarding faculty retention strategies.  The meeting adjourned at 5pm.

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