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Faculty Finance Committee Minutes

November 28, 2006
10:00 – 11:00


Ron Akers, Ken Wald, Mary Anne Eaverly, Judy Page, H. Jane Brockmann, Alan Dorsey, Elizabeth Dale, David Daegling, Paul Robinson, Neil Sullivan (Dean), Margaret Fields (Asst. Dean), Kimberly Browne (Budget Director)


Neil Sullivan reviewed the general charge of the committee which is to advise the Dean on the management, control and distribution of the College’s financial resources which includes the development of best practices for the budgeting of departments and strategic plan advisement.

The Dean’s office offered to provide standard key indicator data by department beginning fiscal year 2004 to the committee to help them begin to see the allocation of resources.  The template for the data was distributed but the actual data were not presented until it has been provided to the department chairs which should be done before the next meeting.  The source of data and definition of data were also provided.  The group will ask for amendments to the template as needed.  One suggestion was to add a line for “double majors”.

Short term planning was defined as being able to provide the departments their OPS budget by Feb so they know how many graduate students they can hire.  Long term was defined as a 5-year plan to balance the budget.  The current 5-year plan which includes a balanced budget in 3 years, yields no overall growth and indicates employee losses will only be partially replaced.  A budget summary 2006-2009 was distributed.

Differential teaching was specifically discussed as an issue to consider during the process.  Neil recommended that the annual requests for budget be moved up to January or February, if agreeable to the new Interim Dean, Joe Glover.  In previous years these requests were made after the college presented the college APR.

The committee recommended that enrollment management budget be given directly to the college to improve quality and efficiency of teaching coverage and class assignment.

Neil Sullivan also stressed the need for help from the committee for improved communication.  One idea was to present a report at the College Assembly meetings.

The committee recommended taking a fresh look and reconsidering the 5-year plan.  Several members emphasized the budget allocation to the college is insufficient.  Members want to also be able to affect how the institution looks at the allocation process.

As clarification Neil explained that the Dean’s Executive Committee (elected) replaces the Dean’s Advisory Committee. The college assembly established an “investigative committee” to review the historical data and facts preceding the current budget. With the establishment of the Faculty Finance Committee there are now 3 committees related to the budget.

The committee elected a chairperson – Alan Dorsey; Vice chair – Elizabeth Dale; and, Recording Secretary – Margaret Fields.

Next meeting

Tuesday, Dec 5, 10:00am Dean’s Conference Room.


Respectfully submitted,
Margaret Fields
Recording Secretary

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