College Governance

Faculty Finance Committee Minutes

March 28, 2007
10:00 – 12:15


Alan Dorsey, Chair; Elizabeth Dale, Vice Chair; Ken Wald, Mary Ann Eaverly; Judy Page; H. Jane Brockmann; Joe Glover, Interim Dean; Margaret Fields, Asst. Dean; Kimberly Browne, Budget Director, Chris Eklund, Student Representative

Absent: Ron Akers, Judy Page, Paul Robinson, David Daegling


Minutes for the last meeting were deferred until the next meeting.

Alan Dorsey reported that he has completed his round of meetings with the Natural Sciences & Mathematics Chairs, Social Science Chairs, Humanities Chairs, and the Chairs & Directors.  Some comments and suggestions from those meetings are as follows:

Dorsey will provide a written summary of the suggestions/concerns from the meetings and communicate these to the Dean.

Dorsey also reported that in a subsequent Chairs & Directors meeting the consensus was to move ahead as quickly as possible in the search for a new CLAS Dean.
The Astronomy department sent information to the committee concerning financial commitments for the Canary Island Telescope project which is currently moving from the construction phase ($5 – 6mil) to the operation phase (1st year $1mil, $500k each year thereafter for 20 years).  The original buy-in was $2mil from Astronomy and $3mil from the President’s office.  These commitments are not included in the current budget or plans.  It is unknown at this time what unit(s) of UF will meet these financial commitments.

The outline for the report is as follows:

  1. History and Context
  2. Current Financial Position
  3. Plans
  4. Critique of current plan
  5. Alternatives and opportunity costs

Alternative plans are not expected to follow the same constraints as the existing plan. Recommendations demonstrated throughout the alternative plans reconsider these constraints.  The report will address both external pressures to CLAS as well as internal issues that contributed to the current financial situation.  The plans will position those in the college to be better stewards in the future through accountability and responsibility.

Respectfully submitted,
Margaret Fields
Recording Secretary

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