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Faculty Finance Committee Minutes

February 21, 2007
8:30 – 10:30


Alan Dorsey, Chair; Ron Akers; Ken Wald; H. Jane Brockmann; David Daegling; Paul Robinson; Joe Glover, Interim Dean; Margaret Fields, Asst. Dean; Kimberly Browne, Budget Director; Allan Burns, Assoc. Dean

Not in attendance:
Elizabeth Dale, Vice Chair; Mary Ann Eaverly; Judy Page; Chris Eklund


Discussion centered on Table V-3 from the OIPR website which is used in UF’s Annual Report.  The group is attempting to understand the data and what the data represents.  It appears other colleges have experienced deficits and it would be beneficial to the committee to know how they handled their deficits.  A tentative meeting has been planned for next week with Sheri Austin, Ed Poppel and Marie Zeglen to discuss the content and interpretation of the OIPR tables.  The reports are complicated and require a depth of understanding to avoid misinterpretation.

The remaining portion of the meeting was spent discussing various options for the matrix of plans previously presented.  A baseline year will be selected for modeling purposes.  Preferably the baseline year will be prior to the implementation of PeopleSoft.  A target deadline of one-week was agreed upon to refine IDC and Course/SCH to use for the projected models.  Some believe that any changes driven by the budget should take place in the first year; others believe it is more beneficial to make the changes gradually over several years. It was recommended that projections for undergraduate enrollments for the university and expectations of higher administration also be considered when making projections.

The deadline to complete provisional reports is approximately one week prior to the College Assembly meeting which is currently not scheduled.  The provisional reports will be presented to the College Assembly prior to presentation at the Faculty Senate.  The chair of the committee plans to present a short report on the committee’s progress at the Directors and Chairs Meeting March 2.

Next year’s college budget will be input into PeopleSoft by June 10 and will be disbursed to the departments in August.  During the summer the Faculty Finance Committee will have a consultative committee of representatives who will be on campus rather than meet as a full committee.

Next meeting

February 28, 2007, 8:30 Dean’s Conference Room.

Respectfully submitted,
Margaret Fields
Recording Secretary

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