College Governance

Faculty Finance Committee Minutes

February 14, 2007
8:30 – 10:30


Alan Dorsey, Chair; Ron Akers; Ken Wald, Mary Ann Eaverly; Judy Page; David Daegling; Paul Robinson; Joe Glover, Interim Dean; Margaret Fields, Asst. Dean; Kimberly Browne, Budget Director; Chris Eklund, student representative; Allan Burns, Assoc. Dean

Not in attendance:
H. Jane Brockmann, Elizabeth Dale


Minutes from the February 7, 2007 meeting were approved with one modification.

Last Friday the Provost transferred $2.6mil to CLAS to cover the balance of start-up funds for new faculty hires already on the books.

Dr. Burns was invited to participate in a discussion concerning OPS allocations to the departments and centers.  He explained these were guidelines for departments and centers to begin to make offers to incoming students. The projected budget for OPS was not what was called for in the 5-year plan. When asked about alumni fellows he responded that our college’s interpretation is that 2 years are for fellowship and 2 years for RA/TA/GA.  Departments determine the sequence.  The allocation was a template to initiate the planning process. A complicated matrix of events also influences OPS e.g., master and grad students reaching goals of graduation, RA assignments, and critical tracking classes.  A request will be made to the Interim Dean that the Faculty Finance Committee be informed during the OPS allocation process.

Last week the chair planned to compose a note to the Dean concerning the OPS allocations and FFRI/PRC reductions in state support.  The note is pending and at this time FFRI/PRC wishes to continue their discussions with the Dean.

Sustainability issues will be deferred to a future time.  See DDD memo 9/2/2005 on Reducing Energy Consumption.  Because UF has demonstrated efforts for long term and short term sustainability it may not be the best use of the committee at this time to also pursue sustainability ideas until other budget related issues are addressed.

At this point the committee has learned a lot about UF financing, has a better picture of how we stand in relationship to other colleges, how decisions are being made in the college and we have seen algorithms for faculty hiring. It is time to begin to merge this knowledge and begin to focus on planning.  We can build a case for additional funds for the college in addition to determining algorithms for reductions.  The work of group 1 and 2 can now merge with meeting the goals of group 3 to project how various plans might play out.  The group was reminded that it is advisory to the Dean; it is not the decision maker, nor the implementer.  The report by Group 1 is expected to be used as the preamble for the full committee report.

Next meeting

February 21, 2007, 8:30 Dean’s Conference Room.

Respectfully submitted,
Margaret Fields
Recording Secretary

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