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Faculty Finance Committee Minutes

February 7, 2007
8:30 – 10:30


Alan Dorsey, Chair; Elizabeth Dale, Vice Chair; Ron Akers; Ken Wald, Mary Ann Eaverly; Judy Page; H. Jane Brockmann; David Daegling; Paul Robinson; Joe Glover, Interim Dean; Margaret Fields, Asst. Dean; Kimberly Browne, Budget Director, Chris Eklund, student representative


Minutes from the January 24, 2007 meeting were approved.

Several questions were raised during discussion concerning the fact that OPS budgets and Alumni Fellows had been provided by CLAS administration to the departments without any discussion by the Faculty Finance Committee.  Clarification was provided that the OPS budgets were only provided to departments with graduate students so that they could have an initial budget in hand while recruiting graduate students.  It was also clarified that the initial OPS budgets are adjustable.  The Budget Director agreed to distribute the OPS and Alumni Fellows budgets to committee members before the next meeting. The questions posed concerned the role of the committee in pre-discussions of the OPS budget prior to its distribution to departments and the role of the committee in pre-discussions concerning the discontinuance of budget support for the Florida France Research Institute.  The committee will draft an email to the Dean, copied to John Moore, voicing these concerns.  A committee member will have conversation with the Director of FFRI to get a summary of events leading to the decision and to invite her to the Faculty Finance Committee to address the members directly.

Group 3 (create series of alternative plans) reported via power point presentation as shown in the attachment (Handout 1).  Using historical data the group created 2 possible models for projecting tenure-track faculty needs over a 3-year period. In addition graphs depicting Faculty Growth by Division and SCH Growth by Division were distributed (Handout 2).

Group 2 (funding allocation within CLAS) reported that they will examine IDC distributions in order to further define and refine opportunity costs of not filling faculty positions and to help quantify the impact to all constituents including the university at large.  CLAS receives approximately $40million in grant funding per year which generates between $7-8mil in IDC.  Some grants do not generate IDC.  With approximately 200 faculty in the Natural and Mathematical Sciences this averages ~$35,000 per year per faculty in IDC returns.  The group suggested the use of $35k per faculty when examining opportunity costs.

Group 1 did some preliminary calculations of what revenue to the college might look like if the legislative SCH formula were applied.  The SCH number from the OIPR web site and the 2004/2005 legislative funding formula were used.  CLAS income would be about the same as the expense; some colleges within UF were negative; some were positive.  Historical data from other years is needed for further analysis.  This finding generated more discussion concerning the meaning of “under-funded”. Is the college under-funded?  Is the university under-funded? It was agreed that it would be inappropriate to point to other colleges to justify our own financial situation or to create competitive tension when we are trying to promote interdisciplinary efforts.  It would be more constructive to understand why there are differences and recognize what might drive those differences. It was also agreed that we might consider in our quantitative formulas the impact “sustainability efforts” could have on freeing money for academic uses, for example, turning off lights, turning up thermostats in summer, down in winter, less landscape expenditures, etc.

Prior to adjourning the meeting, members were reminded of their action items for the next meeting.


Respectfully submitted,
Margaret Fields
Recording Secretary

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