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Faculty Finance Committee Minutes

January 28, 2008


Ron Akers, Jane Brockmann, W.S. Brown, Elizabeth Dale, Alan Dorsey, Mary Ann Eaverly, Susan Hegeman, Alyssa Lunin, Paul Robinson, Ken Wald


The meeting began at 2 pm. Elizabeth Dale was selected by unanimous vote to replace Alan Dorsey as Chair of the committee as of next meeting.

Alan Dorsey reviewed the past two meetings of the committee.  The committee met with Dean Glover on January 16, who charged them with the “exercise” of suggesting how to cut an additional $3,007,000 from to the CLAS budget. Discussions on this topic began on January 23, and a number of models were proposed for carrying out the exercise, including across the board cuts for all units in the College, and establishing a set of general principles by which cuts could be determined.

Discussion on this topic continued.  Those in favor of across the board cuts pointed to the merits of each unit deciding upon how best to minimize the impact of cuts.  Those opposed to this strategy expressed concern that this devolved the burden of the cuts to the departmental level without serious considerations of the larger budget picture, either in the College or the university.  Those in favor of a more general statement of principles emphasized the core College (and university) mission of teaching and research. Several also underlined the importance of contextualizing the budget exercise within the larger picture of the College’s financial history of cuts and deficits.

The committee began outlining a report covering these items, of which Ken Wald agreed to write a first draft.

The meeting adjourned at 3:55.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Hegeman

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