Humanities Scholarship Enhancement Fund

The Humanities Scholarship Enhancement Fund is designed to stimulate new or existing research activity in the humanities at the University of Florida. Because this Fund was established to seed worthy initiatives, evidence of efforts to seek additional (especially outside) sources of funding will play a major role in the evaluation of proposals. Categories of research endeavors appropriate for an award include initiation of new projects and development or completion of ongoing projects. However, projects should be conceptualized in such a way that a specific goal can be reached during the tenure of the award.

Budget justification will be an important part of the proposals' evaluation. The maximum award request is $12,000, with the average award expected to be less. Note that, beginning this year, recipients must pay an approximate 10% RCM tax upon spending their funds, such that funds available for spending will not be equal to funds awarded.

The Fund is expected to support 18-20 awards for research activity during the period January 2016–December 2016.


These funds are restricted to CLAS ranked faculty working on projects in the humanities. Faculty who received awards in the Humanities Scholarship Enhancement Fund competitions of 2013–2014 or 2014–15 are not eligible to participate in this competition.

Proposal Preparation

The proposal should consist of:

The proposal narrative should address the primary concept, relevant issues, goals, methodology, expected results, and significance of the research proposed. An explanation of how the project will contribute to the preparation and success of applications to extramural funding agencies should also be included. The budget must be itemized in the format shown. Justification should be provided for specific items to be purchased. Faculty salary should be calculated at .76 FTE for a six-week summer session, but a lower FTE can be used to extend payments over a longer period, e.g., summer C.

Proposal Submission

Completed proposals should be submitted to the Department Chair, who is asked to sign each application and comment briefly on the disciplinary and departmental significance of each proposal in a separate letter to the Committee.

Chairs have been asked to submit letters and proposals electronically to by 4 pm, Friday, October 23, 2015. Only emailed submissions will be accepted.

Proposal Review

Proposals will be peer-reviewed by a committee of humanities faculty. Awards will be announced by the end of December.


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